Dear Colleagues,
Our mission as intensivists is evolving and expanding. The new mantra is to care for patients and save lives directly and indirectly.

 What does “indirectly” mean? It means saving lives through organ procurement.Here we should shift our care to the resuscitation of multiple individual organs and not the patient as a whole.

Lack of knowledge, experience and confidence among critical care staff in identifying potential donors, providing proper resuscitation, and conducting effective communicationng with donor families may explain missed organ and tissue donations.

Training of critical care nurses and physicians in effective procedures for maintaining organ donors and requesting organ donation is significantly associated with higher rates of organ donation.

We are the key persons to reinforce a positive attitude to potential brain death donors among health care professionals, improve the procurement process and increase donation rate in our country.

Fayez Abilama, MD

Pesident, LSCC

Lebanese Critical Care Society supports NOD-Lb.

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