Newsletter COVID-19

Dear colleagues,

Since January 2020, the whole world is witnessing the rapid spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus (also known as COVID-19 or novel coronavirus). It is one of the most serious public health crisis of the modern times.

On March 2020, the WHO characterized the spread of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus as a PANDEMIC and our dear country, Lebanon, did not escape the disaster.

While COVID-19 has been suggested to have a lower case fatality rate ( 2,5 % ) than SARS ( 9,6 % ), MERS ( 34,4 % ), or H1N1 ( 17,4 % ), the extent of its spread means that the death toll is significant and unfortunately, the world scientists still only know very few things about this disease.

As Intensivists, we are directly involved in the care of the Critically Ill COVID-19 patients and we are working day and night to combat its consequences and improve the outcome of our patients. But, we are also the Frontline Healthcare Workers with a high risk of becoming infected as well as spreading the infection.

Since the occurrence of the first cases in Lebanon, the LSCCM undertook many actions:

  • A joint statement on the COVID-19 infection highlighting in particular the necessary precautions and protective measures for the Health Care Workers, was issued in collaboration with the LPS and the LSA and sent to the LOP to obtain their strong support as well as the backing of the MOH and the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon.
  • A  Screening Tool was created and distributed among the Health Care Professionals and the Public to inform and give early advice about the infection.
  • A national registry for COVID-19 patients is in the process of construction, in collaboration with the main involved societies (LSCCM with LPS, LSA, and LSID) and the MOH.

Moreover, as a scientific society, we think that it is our responsibility to provide our members with the most relevant information as well as with International Recommendations on the management of this novel disease. Thus, in addition to our forum of discussion created on WhatsApp (the LSCCM COVID 19 RESPONSE group), you will find attached to this letter the links to the most useful documents on this subject. We will try to update them regularly and extend them as necessary. These documents will also be available on our website.

Wishing you all, the accomplishment of the best possible care for your patients along with a maximum level of safety for you.

Pr. Patricia YAZBECK,  

LSCCM President